Robert Rich's Soundscape Studio

mastering, sound design, tracking, surround and stereo mixing


Partial Specifications:

(2) Josephson 606A-KA21 hypocardioid small condenser
(2) Neumann KM130 omni small condenser
(2) Neumann TLM103 cardioid large condenser
(1) Blue Mouse cardoid large condenser
(2) Blue Dragonfly cardoid large condenser
(2) ADK A51TL custom modified multipattern large condenser (Aussie capsule)
(2) Royer R-121 ribbon
(2) Oktava MK012 w/ Red Replacement capsules, small and large condenser
(1) Audio Technica AT4050 multipattern large condensor
(1) Crown SASS-P binaural boundry mic
(2) E/V NDym 408 dynamic
(2) Shure SM57 dynamic
(2) Customized PZM boundry mics
(1) Sennheiser MD421mII dynamic
(1) AKG D112 kick drum mic

Duntech Sovereign 2000 amplified by Hafler P4000
5.1 Surround w/ Dynaudo BM5A and Bag End InfraSub18
Coleman Audio M3P passive switcher/ attenuator

Front End:
Yamaha 02R96 v.2 Digital Mixer
Apple Mac Dual 2.5 GHz running Logic
Apple Mac G4 laptop (performance, etc.)
(2) Millenia Media Origins, matched with stepped attenuators
MOTU 2408 mkII and mkIII
Tascam DA78
Benchmark MPS400 Quad Mic Preamp
Modified PreSonus MP20 Mic Preamp
Joe Meek VC6 studio channel
Panasonic SV3500 DAT
Presonus Firepod
Field: Sony TCD-D7, M-Audio Microtrak, Benchmark MicMan Jr., Sony stereo mics.

Eventide H3000SE
Eventide Eclipse
TC Electronics M3000 Digital Reverb
TC Electronics M-One XL
Sony R7 Reverb
Lexicon MPX400 reverb
Delta Labs, Digitech, and other delays
Looperlative, Line 6 DL4, EH16, Gibson Echoplex and other loopers
Line 6 Pod, Metasonix, Sustainiac and other guitar accessories

Available Instruments:
Vintage '25 A.B. Chase baby grand piano
Synthesis Technology MOTM analog modular synthesizer
Ensoniq ASR10
Yamaha DX7IID
Korg Wavestation EX
Emu Procussion, Proteus 3
Emmons double-10 string pedal steel
lap steel guitar
Fender fretless Jazz Bass
Various flutes and wind instruments
Various string instruments (dulcimer, zithers, su gzheng, psaltry, etc.)
Various percussion (including djimbes, udu drums, dumbeks, talking drums, waterphone, cymbals, gongs, shakers, etc.)


Robert Rich mixing and mastering credits (partial):

A Produce - White Sands (Tranceport TPTCD105)
A Produce - Inscape & Landscape (Tranceport TPT106)
A Produce - Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo (Tranceport TPT107)
Dwight Ashley - Ataxia (Nepenthe Music 06001, 2006)
Bastard Noise & C. Renou (Desolation House, 2003)
CDCM Computer Music Series Vol#7, Pauline Oliveros (Centaur CRC2047)
Dean DeBenedictis - A Lone Reply (Fateless 2000)
David Doty - Uncommon Practice (Syntonic SN63:32)
Claire Voyant - Time and the Maiden (Precipice 002)
Falling You - Touch (Fossil Dungeon FD026, 2004)
Falling You - Human (2006)
Ben Fleury-Steiner - Drifts (Gears of Sand 2005)
Forrest Fang - Folklore (Cuneiform RUNE68)
Forrest Fang - The Blind Messenger (Cuneiform RUNE98)
Jeff Greinke- Cities in Fog (Re-issue)(Projekt Archive 10)
Gruntsplatter - Chronicling the Famine (Desolation House 2002)
Tom Heasley - Where the Earth Meets the Sky (Hypnos 2135)
Tom Heasley - On the Sensations of Tone (Innova 566)
Tom Heasley - Desert Triptych (Farfield Records FARCD012, 2005)
Chad Hoefler - Twilight in the Offing (Hypnos 2446, 2004)
Chad Hoefler - Quiet Glow (Lotuspike LS-0006, 2005)
Jon Iverson - Alternesia (MA Recordings M3)
Jeff Karsin - Pandataria
Brannan Lane - Lost Caverns of Thera (World Circle 2001)
Lead - Music For Storms (Adastra, 1999)
Love Spirals Downwards - Flux (Projekt 85)
Love Spirals - Oh So Long (Projekt, 2002)
Mandible Chatter - Of Foreign Lands and People (Release 6581, 2003)
Meridiem - The Scattering Time
Moskow/Bühler/Gordon - Sojourn (CSM/DSM 4755)
PseudoBuddha - Motive (Uncle Buzz UBR08, 1999)
Robert Rich - all titles
Simple Question - 8th (Worth the Chaos WTCM01 2005)
Subterranean Source - Vivid Circles (Desolation House, 2002)
Terra Ambient - The Darker Space (Space For Music, 2002)
Thomas Ronkin - Symmetric (Tristissima GM-511-1911)
Arturo Salinas - Chamber and Choral Works (1998)
Carter Scholz - 8 Pieces (Frog Peak FP009)
Dave Stroud Vocal Studio Vocal Sampler '98 (DSVS 5141)
Trance To The Sun - Urchin Tear Soda (Precipice 003)
Trance To The Sun - Atrocious Virgin (Precipice, 2001)
Troum - Sigqan (Desolation House, 2003)
Zero Ohms - Supreme Infinite Essence (ZOP opus5, 2000)

Artist Feature in Keyboard Magazine, November 2001

Studio Feature in Keyboard Magazine, September 1999