Audio samples from Robert's library:

The older samples in Quicktime format use the Apple Quicktime plug-in for in your browser. With the plug-in they should play on both Mac and PC. (You can download it here.) These are just short excerpts, to provide an idea of the mood and style of each release.

The Other Side of Twilight (from Numena)   Quicktime
Interlocking Circles (from Geometry)   Quicktime
Temple of Eyes (from Rainforest) Quicktime
Spiral Steps (from Gaudî) Quicktime
Terraced Fields (from Propagation) Quicktime
Night Sky Replies (from Troubled Resting Place) Quicktime
Piano Solo (live in Monroe, LA, 10/96) Quicktime
A Canopy of Shivers (from Fissures w/ Alio Die)   Quicktime
Coils (from Seven Veils) Quicktime
Submission to Pélé (from Humidity)   Quicktime
Steel Harmonics (from Humidity)   Quicktime
Nesting on Cliffsides (from Bestiary) MP3
Bestiary (from Bestiary) MP3
Ice Fields (from Outpost)   MP3
LaGrange Point (from Outpost) MP3
Fasanina (from Temple of the Invisible)   MP3
Lan Tiku (from Temple of the Invisible) MP3
Erasing Traces (from Calling Down the Sky) MP3
Vertigo (from Calling Down the Sky) MP3
Corners (from Open Window) MP3
Open Window (from Open Window) MP3
Parallel Horizons (from Open Window) MP3
Points Between (from Open Window) MP3
Pathways (from Echo of Small Things) MP3
Circle Unwound (from Echo of Small Things) MP3
Scent of Night Jasmine (from Echo of Small Things) MP3
Hollow Rings Longer (from Echo of Small Things) MP3
Geode (from Lithosphere) MP3
Metamorphic (from Lithosphere) MP3
Lithosphere (from Lithosphere) MP3
Melt (from Lithosphere) MP3
Electric Ladder (from Electric Ladder) *New* MP3
Shadowline (from Electric Ladder) *New* MP3
Sky Tunnel (from Electric Ladder) *New* MP3
Concentric (from Electric Ladder) *New* MP3