Robert's Links :

Fan Websites: Glurp Online, authorized fansite featuring BBoards, dialog, etc.
 Labels: Fathom / Hearts of Space - Robert's main label throughout the '90's
  Hypnos - co-releasing Inner Landscapes, Humidity , Sunyata, Somnium
  Release/Relapse - releasing Amoeba, Trances/Drones and more.
  DiN - Ian Boddy's label with our Outpost collab and other good electronica.
  Soleilmoon - released Below Zero and Deep Net
  Projekt - releasing Roach, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die and other friends
  Sombient/Asphodel - created Throne of Drones and its sequels
  Crowd Control Activities - experimental music, with Alio Die CDs
 Artists: Brad Cole - Stalker cover photographer, amazing landscapes!
  David Agasi - Portrait photographer, friend and collaborator
  Jeff Greinke - creates beautiful dark and crunchy soundscapes
  Matt Howarth - creates odd comic strips featuring electronic music
  KLEM bookmarks - Dutch fan club, links to many related artists
  Love Spirals - Dreamy pop music, friends of Robert's
  Lustmord - collaborator on Stalker
  Loren Nerell - deep sounds with an Indonesian flavor
  Vidna Obmana - airy, floating ambient music.
  Pauline Oliveros - coined the phrase "Deep Listening"
  Steve Roach - collaborator on Soma and Strata
  Michael Stearns - Fathom labelmate, soundtracks and more
  Magazines: AMP Online Magazine - reviews of new instrumental music
  ElectroAmbient Space - Phil Derby's online 'zine, tight focus on these styles
  Experimental Musical Instruments - excellent acoustic instrument mag.
  Hyperreal - leaning more towards techno, but with tons of info
  Morpheus Music - UK site with ambient focus
  Stereophile - commercial site for a good audio magazine
 Web Radio Echoes - John Diliberto's daily musical journey
  Ultima Thule - Australian ambient/spacemusic show
 Tools: JI Calculator - free download of Robert Rich's Mac microtuning utility
  Sound Hack - a great free sound mangling tool for the Mac
 Interests: Sacred Geometry - an interest that has infused much of Robert's music
  Andrei Tarkovsky - Robert's favorite filmaker
  Alchemy Virtual Library - huge resource on many things alchemical
  Myko Web - good info on wild mushrooms
  Lucidity Institute - the experts on lucid dreaming