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Eleven Questions

Markus Reuter and Robert Rich

A result of alchemical triangulation

Hermetic inquiry by two recordists
meeting in one room to divine a response

To embrace the instantaneous
the mysterious, the accidental

Thirteen possibilities of retort
A reply encoded in this sequence

13 short pieces, which fall together as a sort of puzzle, sometimes odd and playful, sometimes rather intense.

This international collaboration was conceived, composed and recorded in person in one intense week at Robert Rich’s Soundscape studio in California. Rich then completed, mixed and mastered the work over the subsequent two months.

Robert Rich is an ambient musician and composer. With a discography spanning over 20 years, he is widely regarded as a figure whose sound has greatly influenced today‘s ambient, new age, and even IDM music. Markus Reuter is an up-and-coming German producer, guitarist, & composer, working with such ground-breaking groups as CENTROZOON and TUNER, a collaboration with King Crimson's Pat Mastelotto.

Unlike most releases of the ambient/electronica genre, each piece on Eleven Questions has an instant hookiness. The songs form short, concise statements. The album features mostly acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments (lap steel, touch guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, flutes) rather than synthesizers. With audiophile sensibilities, Rich and Reuter employed the best of custom tube, vintage and contemporary studio equipment to craft a unique sonic landscape.

This is an album for lovers of modern movie soundtracks, sound fanatics and people who look for beauty and melody in contemporary music.

Markus Reuter - Touch Guitar, Acoustic Guuitar, Piano

Robert Rich - Sound Design, Piano, Flutes, Lap Steel Guitar

SiRenée - Voices

Recorded at Soundscape Studio, Mountain View CA,
Mixed and mastered by Robert Rich.
Composed by Markus Reuter and Robert Rich.
Photography by Brad Cole. Design by John Bergin.
Special thanks to Metasonix, Haroun Serang, Bernhard
Wöstheinrich, Dixie, Synthesis Technology and many others.

2007 - Eleven Questions - Markus Reuter and Robert Rich (Unsung Records UR003, CD)

Reminder 3:27
Reductive 4:27
Recall 2:24
Retention 6:34
Remote 4:16
Reluctant 3:27
Redemption 6:41
Relative 3:27  
Reception 3:04  
Refuge 5:53
Refuse 3:43
Rebirth 3:26
Remainder 2:12
Total Time 53:12

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