Amanita vaginata

I haven't actually tasted this species myself, so I cannot personally recommend it. This is the grissette, commonly eaten throughout Europe. I photographed the specimens shown here while looking for porcini in Northern Italy in October. I am rather confident of the identification, but I remain very cautious with any new Amanita. This species varies widely in color, from tan to tawny brown to gray. All the Italian specimens that I saw appeared to be gray. These are medium size mushrooms, about 5" tall. They do not have a remnant of the universal veil attatched to their cap like A. calyptrata or A. velosa, nor do they smell quite as fishy as the other edible Amanitas that I am familiar with. They do have a deeply striate cap margin, similar to the Western grissette, Amanita pachycholia. As always, proceed with caution when planning to eat any mushroom, especially an Amanita.