Audio samples from the Amoeba catalog:

The latest samples use MP3 format, and should work on any MP3 player. The older samples require Apple's Quicktime plug-in installed in your browser. With Quicktime they should play on both Mac and PC. (You can download it here.) Sorry, but we don't have enough disk space to hold longer samples or multiple formats.


No Empty Promise on Pivot 1.3 Mbytes MP3
Fireflies on Pivot 1.4 Mbytes MP3
Moonlight Flowers on Pivot 1.1 Mbytes MP3
Footless on Amoeba's Watchful 796 Kbytes Quicktime
Saragossa on Amoeba's Watchful 814 Kbytes Quicktime
Air Ritual by Urdu (c. 1984) 167 Kbytes Quicktime