Photos of Amoeba

Here is a picture of Rick Davies and Robert Rich, taken in 1996,
soon after finishing Watchful. For print purposes, we also provide
a very high resolution version of this photo, which will open in a new window.

Robert Rich and Rick Davies ©1996 by Brad Cole


. . . And something really old from the archives: a photo from the first concert
that Rick and Robert ever played together. The group was Quote Unquote, the
venue was the radio station KFJC, and the date was November 1980. From left
to right: Rick Davies on guitar and synth, Robert Rich on synth and voice, and
Jon Spencer on bass and tape loops. At the moment this photo was taken, Robert
was probably screaming some electronically mangled words about politics,
as Reagan had just been elected. (At 17, Robert was too young to vote.)